Science up in smoke

25 05 2009

One of the few *activist* style FaceBook groups I’m a part of is the Can we find 1 MILLION people that DON’T want smoking back in pubs? (apparently they have an internet competition against those weird people who do).

Really, why do people fight against smoking bans? For one, I do not know any smoker who has actually refused to go to a bar because they can’t smoke there. But yet, industry groups lobby against bans.

When the lobbying fails – its time to find loopholes. An ingenious attempt is reported in Britain – they’ve created a “smoking research centre“. All that patrons (or should that be research subjects) have to do is fill out a questionnaire and then they can puff as much as they can please.
Two things I wonder:

  1. Do they have an Ethics Oversight Committee?
  2. Will the questionnaire results be collated and made available?



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1 05 2010
Rock The Boat

owwww SNAP

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