It’s Alive in Sydney: Goanna

24 05 2009

Big Fat Goanna 002, originally uploaded by zayzayem.

This big fat fella was found in Lane Cove National Park, the same weekend as the waterdragon I posted a while ago.

I was seriously lost and trapsing through what I hoped was the correct way to the park (I was expecting more of a grassy oval style park, not a giant forest with a river).

I almost walked right onto this behemoth. He hardly moved as I approached. I almost thought it might be dead. Instead, by the look of the bulging stomach, I think he may have just eaten something. Maybe a kitten?

Goannas, aren’t confrontational with humans, but they do have sharp claws, rasping teeth, and venom – and can mistake people for trees when spooked, and don’t react well when said *tree* starts flailing wildly and screaming.
I’d assume this is a standard lace monitor (Varanus varius) unless anyone can convince me otherwise.




One response

12 09 2009
Ian Finlay

Spotted a similar one about 15min in from the lanecove rd entrance near fontenoy rd and porters crossing, but more greem stripes 1.5m long 11/09/2009

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