Tampons: It’s what’s for dinner

11 05 2009

Do you really want to follow the link to the story at Weird Asia News?

Where do people come up with the idea that something like menstrual blood has magical healing properties – in what context is that even close to reality?

But this story raises another issue: is there some sort of subtextual misogyny behind the allegation that menstrual blood is unclean or a “poison[ous], destructive, or noxious substance [administered] with intent to injure”.

Menstrual taboos and “menophobia” are a common theme in many world superstitions, not just the Abrahamic tradition. Would Indra be facing similar charges if she’d been adding blood from her fingertip (maybe as “blood of a virgin”)?

Still, when it’s being added to my food, I reserve my right to say menstrual blood is gross.




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