Chicks in chainmail fight Christ

2 05 2009

Facebook, and a few other sites I visit, have been lambasted with lame “Chicks in Chainmail” banner ads for an online game called CIVONY.

I’d almost written it off as too lame without proper English editorial support (ProTip: if you wan’t English to be the primary language of your game, make sure you can speak it) but then I saw this on the message boards.*

Christ, level 10 hero vs. Elizabeth, level 5.

So I checked it out, on the hope

The game is a pointless timesink that is only suitable for people with lots of spare time on their hands (unlike any other MMO?). The frustrating thing is that to start of things build too quickly when you don’t have the resources to build, and then later on you have surplus resources, but build times take too long.

It reminds me a little of (now Legends of Elveron) but with graphics, and not as well designed for “log in once a day” style of play.

I ditched the game about two weeks ago. Looks like they have put up some patches to fix the bugs. But I don’t think I’ll waste my time checking that back out.  I had way more fun with this game.

*There is also a thread (or several) bemoaning the total absence of buxom blonde viking girls from the game. A new FAQ now states “There is no queen. It was a maketing tool.” No!? For shizz?




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