A spoonful of sugar helps the sugar go down

22 04 2009

We learned the other week that lying to children can convince them that vegetables are cool¹. Well, the Australian sugar industry was obviously paying intention because they have released “healthyhealthier sugar“.

Yes! The power of science – “Sugar: with low sugar”. Lols.

Careful framing branding word selection is well afoot in this release. The news report claims the low GI sugar “can be used to reduce diabetes, obesity and blood pressure”. Okay, yes in theory it could potentially reduce incidence of developing these diseases, and may offer more options for those needing to monitor their GI intake. But let’s be clear, it’s use won’t act as some sort of cure, or alleviate your symptoms. It’s just possibly a better alternative (than standard sugar).

Okay, it’s hard to fault the industry too hard for actually working towards solutions to growing nutrion-based health issues – but perhaps the marketing and awareness campaign is laying it on a little thick.


¹and mutagens are good for you




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