But can it play mp3s?

2 03 2009

Could people please stop stealing my awesome ideas… (I swear I thought of them first, stop reading my mind!)

Christie has found someone has started making personal genomics art.

Now I also read in the paper that China has started producing electronic smoke-less cigarettes, “e-cigs”. While the UK is letting them through without much regulation (if any?). Australia and the US have said no, for now. Why?

These are medical devices. Much like a ventolin inhaler. They deliver a drug, nicotine, to your body’s organ systems. While perhaps not the most carcinogenic substance in cigarette, nicotine is far from harmless. This is why certain nicotine replacement products are only available through prescription.

I suppose some consolation is the fact that the e-cig allows satisfaction of oral cravings while limiting substance abuse to the consumer alone. Placing it in the murky waters of other legal addictive recreational products like alcohol and caffeine.

An interesting thought thought:

Could the e-cig technology be adapted for delivery of therapeutic drugs (asthma medication), or even non-medical compounds (say fruit flavoured).




One response

3 03 2009

There’s a lady in our atheist group who makes portraits using your DNA and hap groups, etc. It’s kind of fun, but it’s a lot more expensive, so I doubt I’ll ever have one!

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