Can has internet monies?

23 02 2009

Internet. You have officially sold oout.

You used to be cool. You used to be about the fans. And the free … ummm… stuff.

Now companies can’t even bother paying advertising to pretend to be ordinary Joes and post viral videos on the internet.

Now they are openly soliciting entries from … anybody.


I’m so torn. But honestly this can only be the unholy spawn of evil.

On one hand they are rewarding people who create original and imaginative content using a nonconformist prize-motivation system.

On the other its a magnet for attention whoring sycophantic wankers who will ultimately only be rewarded for TnA, shocking violence and mediocricity that ordinary people understand while leaving professionals out of a job.




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23 02 2009
Nigel Tomm

I’m Nigel Tomm – thanks for interesting thoughts.

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