I don’t believe in prom dates

18 02 2009

Wikipedia was founded by Prince Arthas?

Krazy Krow and Krakow Studies have unveiled a new webcomic project for 2009: CharlieHorse It has me all confused because the first chapter is entitled “September”. Start from the start. The latest panel is here.

Return of sexy succubi! (Though I will agree with Preston, what’s up with hooves…)

Preston and Charlotte do not look like they are going to get along like Case and Kia in the original Krakow. Maybe that will change, but Krakow is not always that predictable.

Can Charlie succeed as a demonic Henry Higgins to help Preston level up his charisma stats to land a prom date in time?

Check out the other stories from KrakowStudios:

The very original Krakow; skip forward to colour and panels; skip forward to the Demon Sisters

Krakow 2.0 is the tale of a sexy blonde (I mean blonde) bombshell of an assassin employed by a doublecrossing Jesus who kidnaps/rescues the daughter of Japanese magnate …

… and it didn’t end with that: Marilith is ongoing in an edgier new series (start at the start of Marilith).

Oh, if I had the internet monies…




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