It’s a bug’s taxonomy fail

16 02 2009

Previous taxonomy fails: (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Yet another Taxonomy FAIL by bug_girl_me on Flickr

Yet another Taxonomy FAIL from bug_girl_mi's flickrstream (CC-A,NC)

Ladybug’s in your food and cosmetics. ZOMG! Only, the story isn’t about ladybugs, but cochineals – a type of scale insect that according to Wikipedia were also used to make Redcoats coats red.

Now, granted, insect taxonomy is hard, at least compared to mammals, but still, getting them wrong will rile up your etymology crowd (Bug Girl’s Blog). And there’s quite a few of them.

Bug girl mi first noticed the story when it ran at several outlets with a scarab beetle image which was a bug-up by the Center for Science in Public Interest

Taxonomic FAIL from bug_girl_mis flickrstream (CC-A,NC)

Taxonomic FAIL from bug_girl_mi's flickrstream (CC-A,NC)

Bug girl also takes to task the alarmist tone of the whole story. And that you really have no idea where all the raw materials in your consumer products actually come from, and it really shouldn’t matter as long as its safe and does the job (and thanks for pointing out Mars Bars may contain traces of  baby cow!)




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