Inside the tomato

16 02 2009

I can vaguely make out this is meant to be Tomato sapiens, it has a mouth, heart, lungs, gizzards, and I don’t know much of the other kanji, but I think there is at least one kidney.

How ethical is you vegetarianism now, huh!?


Hattip Alan and Danny Choo.

Answer to Danny’s question: In a tomato’s sweet delicious heartbeat.




One response

18 02 2009

That’s precisely why I eat tomatoes!


But then again, having to spit out the tomato bones has always been a bothersome exercise. I view them like watermelon pips, just swallow them down and, if you’re lucky, one might grow out of your belly button. Then it’s bio-tomato-belly-button-boy to the rescue!

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