Darwin day: Rational selection

14 02 2009

With the BlogForDarwin blogswarm coming to a close, here are a few selected stories.

While no head-mounted lascannon, Darwin had a magic hammer. Was he a mortal incarnation of the mighty Thor? You’ll find in this post at Life Science Tools of the Trade further evidence incriminating Darwin as a single minded rare-species killing machine (and that he did it in full knowledge that the fox was a rare inhabitant of the island). Luckily(?) the dodo was already extinct 100 years by the time Chuck D was roaming the seas “collecting specimens”.

Christie (I avoid the N-word where I can) elegantly posits why Darwin day is a good idea, but that good biologists are not “Darwinists”. Science works and *ahem* evolves beyond original concepts.

It’s not that Darwin was wrong, as some feeble-minded magazine cover designers have purported. It’s that he wasn’t complete.

Deep Thoughts and Silliness plays it a little less diplomatically, stating Darwin WAS Wrong.

John Wilkins uses a comprimise: Darwin was wrong…ish. And also points out that some of “Darwinism” that has been shown to be wrong wasn’t even Darwin’s work anyway.

Faith In Honest doubt had an interesting post last year, but has decided this year to point out someone else shares Darwin’s exact birthdate.




2 responses

15 02 2009
A Free Man

I’m sorry I missed out on the ‘swarm’. I did a Darwin day post as well. It’s good that he’s getting the attention he deserves since he shares a birthday with Lincoln and the latter got more attention in the States. If there’s anywhere in the world where people need to learn about Darwin it’s the USA!

20 02 2009
Richard Wintle

Ah. Thank you for the link to my “magic hammer” story. It was fun participating, even if I didn’t have any idea what I was going to write until halfway through writing it (if you see what I mean).

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