Another cause for the recession we are not having

20 01 2009

Everyone has quit their jobs in the vain hope they will become Tourism Queensland’s “island caretaker”/media ambassador on Hamilton island.

Free accomodation and a $110,000 pay packet in return to some media appearances and maintaining a blog seems a bit of a lark, but if you are thinking of applying (yes, you are) you will be up againsts some serious competition.

Since announcing the job last week on Monday, in a viral campaign masquerading as a media realease – the job’s website [] has been inundated with hits worldwide. Unsurprisingly, the website crashed in less than 24 hours. Sensing waning interest, the Queensland government revived media interest with a “fake video application” on the site.

The job will start in winter (oh no, maybe under 20 degrees), so the caretaker will have time to adjust to new routine and build up their local knowledge before the busy tourist season comes in.

It’s certainly a rather novel way of advertising a “normal”-ish job. This isn’t quite normal, but it’s not a reality show either (there doens’t appear to be any major network involvement). Would it work for other sorts of jobs?




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