You know how I know you’re gay…

19 01 2009

You paid $8,500 for a single textbook.

Yeah, you thought your  university science textbooks aren’t cheap. But, woah! Maybe a second-hand copy of this may only cost slightly less than 4-large.

Now, before anyone tries to convince me that this tome holds scientific merits that warrant a $18/page price tag, or that my commentary is blatantly homophobic, or that I haven’t seen the film I’m referencing, or that Chemical Shifts and Coupling Constants for Si-29 might qualify for FREE Super Saver Shippingand yes the reviews are compelling, but

Take a gander at “also bought” section (possibly NSFW).

Hey, I’m just saying… thinks your gay (or enjoy all-male erotica) if you spend over $8500 on a physical chemistry text.

Hattip: In the Pipeline

(It’s when I post something like this I don’t wonder why work requested I remove my hyperlink from my internal employee profile)




One response

4 02 2009

OK, It appears the *also bought* has changed?

Is this because of coverage by AiR? (Note: they don’t link to Amazon…)

Will see if I can get an archive screenshot of what was before.

[No can do-sies apparently… you’ll just have to take my word on it]

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