A month of Mondays

19 01 2009

It’s that time of year again…


January is the Monday of months. You even wake to the worst hangover, after the party of all parties. You realise, hangon, what exactly was I celebrating? aren’t we back to where we were before? Aren’t we headed in just the same direction? Why do we even bother? Is there a point?

And that, there, is where hate is born. With spite. And discord. And rage. Yes, we are putting drama back into self-blogging. I’m not turning emo. No makeup or black nail-polish, I don’t think work would like it, and in these tough economic times, I can’t really afford the expense.

So, yes there’s been a lack of postings since NYE. Someone told me I missed out on life on mars, but that isn’t showing up until February according to Channel Ten, and its only a US remake (actually, I am looking forward to it; go on, hate me, I like US Office as well). [I’m actually disappointed. I had plenty of fart jokes about methanogens]




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