Why can’t you let go of your past

30 12 2008

via Blog Around The Clock

A list of 7 Living Artifacts

Technology that is dead, but just won’t admit it yet. Except maybe old media (radio and newsprint), which has made a somewhat delayed entry into the digital era with blogs and podcasts.

I think it’s rather sad sometimes that people are unable to easily let go of past technology. You would think that by now, people would be able to accept that as technology improves old technologies will become obsolete.

It’s almost an enigma that society on one hand accepts planned obsolescence but still fears disruptive technology. That is capitalist consumerism for you. While  planned obsolescence keeps people employed and the economy going – disruptive technology can eliminate labour forces and require extensive retraining for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Is progress becoming obsolete?

The writer of article puts it well:

It should never be a surprise to anyone when new technologies replace a previous generation of less efficient tools.  Yet the business world and our society itself are for some reason afraid of change … We can’t keep operating in this manner.  We should instead encourage innovation to create better, more efficient ways of doing things and work together to achieve the results

Things change. Deal.




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