Festivus miracle!

30 12 2008

Jesus born to Virgin Mary on Christmas … so reads the headline.

And it’s 100% true!

No. It’s not infection of the media by godbots perpetuating 2000 year old myths about alcoholic hydro-zombies. It’s a full on kosher story coming from Peru in the year 2009 CE.

But how? We all know that virgin births are bollocks (let’s keep sharks out of this, and remember it’s a baby boy, so parthenogenesis does not get you out of this one anyway).

Well, while the mother might be forgiven for taking the Lord’s name for child, as he was born on Christmas day after all – Jesus Immanuel Huamimi’s grandparents possibly overshot the mark for Catholic devoutness when they named their baby girl “Virgen Maria”.

Coincidences keep coming Jesus Huamimi’s father Adolfo Jorge was also a carpenter. He was planning on naming the boy after a footballer.




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