Worst. Chick Tract. Ever.

29 12 2008

I don’t know how well that claim will hold up. The Chick Publication Library has quite some shockers linking anything it can with the devil. The Usual Suspects include D&D, Evilution, Communism, and those Muslims. with their silly “moon god”.

But Jack appears to have found a new target with the Jolly Man in the Big Red Suit. Yes, Virginia, believing in Santa Claus will get you sent to hell. PZ has good screen caps and some other commentary.

The story centers around a nice young lad who when he is told Santa isn’t real goes all ninja – he flips out and kills people.



He flips out. And kills people. Over Santa Claus.


Now for most evangelizing nutcases that wonderful leap of logic might be enough. But no. Fairy Tales has over 20 more panels of batshit insane to bring you. The loverly unhinged anti-hero of the story threatens to kill his parent, a chaplain and a judge, commits several actual murders, and works his way onto the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted (next to Osama bin Laden, I kid you not).

Chick does not know the meaning of the word “subtle”.

Not does he understand “logical reason”. If you can’t see the analogy between telling your kids about Santa and telling your kids about Jesus, well the internet has a word for you, and that word is FAIL.

Last I checked however the death caused by misconceptions about the existence of one of those characters far outweighs the other by several orders of magnitude.

I also have to post up this panel:


It reminds of when I used to teach Sunday School and some of the not-quite-all-there children would answer any “Who?” question with “Jesus…?” – questions like “Who built the Ark?”, “Who anointed David?”, “Who was walking on the road to Damascus”.




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