There is no “alternative” to medicine

22 12 2008

Unless you consider horrible agonising pain and death an “alternative”.

That’s why in my country if you don’t take your kids to the doctor when they are sick we will send you to prison.

It’s called “criminal neglect”.

Too bad it had to reach the stage where an eleven year old girl had to reach a stage where a paediatrician at Brisbane Mater called her “the sickest person I’ve ever seen in 35 years of practicing medicine”.

The girl’s condition had worsened “to the stage she was hallucinating, could not stand or walk unassisted, suffered from diarrhoea and had a temperature of up to 42C.”

She had a heart infection. She had to spend a year in hospital. She suffered significant brain damage and is not expected to be able to walk unaided ever again.

This isn’t about Big Pharma trying to steal your money. This isn’t about trying to outlaw your vitamins. This isn’t about pumping your body full of chemicals. It’s about avoiding easily preventable tragedies like this happening.

Alternative medicine kills.




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