And that’s how you were born

18 12 2008

Late last month, Western Australia granted a woman the right to extract her dead husband’s sperm for storage. The courts will later decide in a separate if she is allowed to use it to get herself up the duff through the wonders of modern science.

Hmmm… dead guys can’t say no?

To be fair, the couple were allegedly already undergoing IVF, so perhaps it is a strong argument that the deceased would have been consenting to the procedure if he wasn’t … well … deceased.

Just before I left Brisbane, JJJ’s Hack ran a story on IVF and social normalcy. It’s weird knowing your parents had sex to have you. It’s possibly more wierd knowing they didn’t. Would it be even more weirder knowing that your parents didn’t have sex after your dad was dead in order to have you?

Should any of the back story really matter?

For those of you who don’t mind a little NSFW – take a look Hard’s only “happy” sex losers webcomic.




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