Work of art

16 12 2008

So with my breakdown fading away into Christm Festivus Festuvial Winter Summer Solstice* cheer.

Why not look back at the achievements of depression awareness in the month-formerly-known as November.

My moustache.

anarchy for the masses
Accusations of photoshopping are unfounded.

Click through for the original.

Who is that handsome guy with a moustache? While the moustache gradually became less annoying, it has since departed.

I received awards at the new workplace for longest mo and most retro mo (and non-medal for best newcomer, edging out the new sporty British lass…)

Also gone have been attempts to grow out my hair again… and hooray I recognise my face in the mirror again.

Thanks to Greg Laden who has been linking to me several times the past few months, often just as I decide to run and hide and wish the world would just stop. There was someone else I was meant to thank. But I’ve forgotten now.

Hopefully some of you who came to take a quick gander saw enough to come and check up again, and won’t be dissapointed.




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