Nude art rules

14 11 2008

ABC News: The fallout from the Bill Henson kerfuffle is here. The Australia Council has released guidelines on how fully or partially naked youngsters can be used in art. Artists will require parental consent, full disclosure and appropriate supervision. No mention of a Blue Card (but I am hoping that is just taken for granted).

The rules seem farely restrained and sensible. The worst in this news article is that works may need to be submitted to a Classifiaction Board before public release. This seems rather reasonable, and a similar process may have prevented the initial uproar of Henson’s photpgraphs – which stemmed from artwork being freely accessible on the internet, not from it being displayed in a gallery.

Less shrieking, more thinking – it actually works.




One response

26 11 2008
Greg Sadler

This Bill Henson stuff was SUCH a beat up. Driven by the same moral-panic morons who want to censor the internet and waste their Sundays worshiping a 2000 year old zombie. So sick of this crap!

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