Sorry Japan, McDonald’s just does not like you

8 11 2008

It’s the only explanation I can see for them trying to afflict epidemic diabetes and cholestrol filled arteries upon you.

A Quarter Pounder meal with fried potato and coke is about the unhealthiest thing you can get from a fast food outlet. The drink is loaded with refined sugars, and the burger and fries filled with fat. Creating a store without any healthy options at all (salad, soup, yoghurt etc.) is just oh so socially irresponsible.

One thing I liked about overseas fast food places was the greater degree of options available. In some American fast food places I was given the option of about five different sides (fries, salad, baked beans, nuggets, a different salad) and several drinks (juice, soda, milk, water). In Australia while the healthy options are made available, Value Meals still seem to be stuck with fries and soda only options.

In Japan variety wasn’t too great, but I was normally able to trade my soda in for some Corn Soup. (Yes creamy corn soup – Japan was cold!)

Neil Duckett has more photos and story on the “Quarter Pounder” store. It doesn’t appear to be drawing in the kiddies as much as Krispy Creme donuts phenomenom does – so maybe it will quickly disappear.




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