What lurks beneath

6 11 2008

Deep Sea News (which remember is now at Discovery Blogs) has finished its countdown of the top 27 deep sea beasties.

They chose the Vampire Squid as #1. I think its kind of boring. All it has is a cool name. Ooooh Senor El Diablo Chupacabre of the Deep you have me quaking with your stylish overtones and stereotypical horror theme tune. NOT!

I definitely think more of #2 Zombie Deap Sea Bone Worms!!!

Rest of the list is linked to below. The rest of my top 5 in bold (Zombie worms are my number 1).

#3 Flesh Eating Sponges

#4 Scaly-foot Snail

#5 Barreleye Fish

#6 Giant Sea Spiders

#7 Predatory Tunicates

#8 Red Lure Jellyfish

#9 Giant Isopods

#10 Echinothuriid Sea Urchins

#11 Venus Flower Basket

#12 Yeti Crab

#13 Deep-sea coral

#14 Hairy Ventsnail

#15 Spookfish

#16 Red-eyed Gauper

#17 Tripod Fish

#18 Venus Flytrap Anemone

#19 Black Devil Anglerfish

#20 Swimming Sea Cucumbers

#21 Pram Bug

#22 Xenophyphores

#23 Dumbo Octopus

#24 Tubeworms

#25 Stalked Crynoids

#26 Pigbutt Worm

#27 Deep-sea Brachiopods

Yes my favourites are the things which eat other things. I’m a vile bloodthirsty creature… with a heart of gold.




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