Cute and cuddly animal babies!

29 10 2008

Cute overload not enough cute to actual “overload” you?

Well, go to ZOOBORNS then. Showcasing the “newest and cutest exotic animal babies from zoos and aquariums around the world”

Everything is adorable.

I won’t eat meat for the next … 6 hours (time for bed).

I love the picture of the baby orang-utan. It looks so much like a human baby. It is amazing. No wonder the name for these apes derives from “man of the forest”. If a human had all-over long shaggy red body hair, I don’t think you would be able to tell them much apart.




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3 11 2008

The monkeys I see around here are freaky enough without images of human-like orangutan babies thankyou very much!

These bad boys stare you right in the eye like they are going to grab it and test out if it is a nut by smashing it on the ground. And they can peel bananas! Who wants creatures with that level of intelligence around?

3 11 2008


Have monkeys joined The Way of the Master now. Curse upon you, Ray Comfort!

14 11 2008
Orangutan awareness week « It’s Alive!!

[…] is Orangutan Awareness Week this week. Sorry I’m slow at catching on (or maybe I was early?) DID YOU KNOW? The biggest threat to orangutans is the clearing of the rainforest to plant palm […]

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