Taking an axe to all that is holy

20 10 2008

…on the ABC


Friends of the ABC is rightly unimpressed by cuts to Radio National’s quality programming. It’s something to do with the corporate facist government agenda or something-or-other. But I do agree that the national broadcaster has a duty to serve quality content over just being a cash machine for the government sponsored media.

But what is everyone focusing on amidst the dismissal of “several programs“?

The Religion Report.

That’s right Auntie has decided to throw down the gauntlet and showed of its godless commie glory for all to see.

No more will the government sponsored media pander to followers of God, Ywh, Ganesha, Allah, or Xenu.* If only they could manage the same with government sponsored schools, universities, television, charities, politics…

For those who still require their lust of government sponsored religion by radio, I believe Sunday-night Safran is still on air.

*I do admit using some of The Religion Report online transcripts for Wikipedia and other purposes, high quality objective programming, despite the nature of this post I think it probably is a loss to quality programming on-air if it isn’t replaced by something similar or better. There is nothing wrong with openly talking about religion. I agree with the Canberra Times editorial, some religious adherents are probably thankful for the removal of scrutiny.




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20 10 2008
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