Playing “Doctor” goes 3D

17 10 2008

IBM have unveiled prototype technology for what they are calling “Google Earth for the body“.

Don’t expect to see it coming to your local gaming store, this one is serious business for your local GP.

The idea that your medical records will now not just be available digitally, but they will be represented on 3-dimensional figure on the screen.

This figure is more than just a simple paper doll – your doctor will be able to zoom in, focus on specific body parts and see relevant information.

The idea of it being digital means it is easy to transfer. Say you have a bad fall on holiday, your local doctor can send your record to a more distant specialist. It should also be easy to append additional files (X-ray data for instance, or links to disease databases, even doctors need explanations).

I can see some problems. Mostly in that it might make doctors “lazy”. The reason why you normally get tests when you present to a doctor is because they are interested in how you are now, not how you were six months ago at your last check-up. This new technology may look pretty, but it is no wikipedia. There are no little gnomes running inside your body transmitting updates to the system. Well not yet anyway.




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