The Oh-no-lympics

14 10 2008

The ever reliable Fortean Times has bent over backwards to demonstrate the inanity that can be spawned by the dynamic combination of pessimism and spirituality.

All that effort of numerologists to ensure the success of China’s 08-08-08 Olympics were outdone – because the Beijing marketing team inadvertantly produced five imp-ish mascots that did their best to wreak havoc at the games.

Their powers?




Olympic Torch!


(Apologies to Captain Planet…)

To the Chinese the number 8 is very lucky. However, 4 is very unlucky, 7 means death, and 1 is lonely. With this background explained, and after lengthy connections between each of teh little furry “fuwas” and chinese trouble in 2008, investigator Christian Saunders brings out the big guns:

Let’s examine the figures and key events more closely. The day that saw the heaviest snowfall in decades, paralyzing China’s transport and electricity networks, was 25 January (2+5+1 = 8); the Tibetan riots broke out on 14 March (1+4+3 = 8); the Sichuan earthquake occurred on 12 May (1+2+5 = 8). There’s that number again, only now it doesn’t seem nearly so favourable. But hang on; let’s not neglect the fact that the number 8 is divisible by 4, the Chinese number of death. And what year is it? It’s 2008, and 2 goes into 8 a total of 4 times. And so it continues…

(Yes, Mr. Saunders does admit he may have stretched the fabric of reallity a little too much, but also, YOU NEVER KNOW!)



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