Lessons for teachers

14 10 2008

This would be one of the best lists of advice to anyone considering teaching.

Number one is so true. If you do not get on top of things at the start, you will be in a lot of trouble. You can’t “get back into the swing of things” if you were never there to begin with.

The list below – but be sure to actually visit the original website, there is a detailed article on each topic (and even sets of articles for some).

10. Learn from the experience of other teachers
9. Set aside personal time
8. Implement measures to eliminate stress from your life
7. Maintain your old lifestyle after your first paycheck
6. Establish clear, concise, comprehensive classroom rules
5. Pacing
4. Make efforts to reach every student
3. Establish a small circle of teacher friends
2. Start a blog now!

1. Get a handle on classroom management early




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