One world, many views?

11 10 2008


A lovely opinion piece in The Australian by a law professor on why it’s not really bad manners to point out to someone over dinner that believing in some of the ghastly claims of homeopathy, magentic resonance or even astrology, even if they are a local member of mensa.

There is absolutely nothing close-minded or even killjoy about saying homeopathy and crystal healing are crappity crap based on crap only designed to take your crap. There is no vast conspiracy.

And a lot of the people who swallow the nonsense are people who should know better; like atheists, scientists and nurses. This is how we can get nonsense acupuncture heals breast cancer studies in the press…  *siiiigh*

On a side note. Those of you interested in rationality might be interested in this WEBPAGE. When someone denies evolution you can just go FOSSIL! and be done with it. All thanks to Dave the “happy” singer




One response

14 10 2008
A Free Man

Love that Tiktaalik website! I’m working on an interview with the author of the recent Nature paper on Panderichthys. Good stuff.

I have no problem saying that “natural remedies” are crap. Loudly.

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