Catassing is not a science

11 10 2008

I do not play WoW anymore. My friends do not play WoW anymore. WoW sucks. It has been taken over by Noobs who do not get the Point and ceased being FUN.

For most of my friends playing WoW stopped being FUN even before I joined in. Seeing as though I had joined to have FUN with my friends online I was pretty dissapointed. Yet we still played on and paid our little subscription fees and everything. But thankfully not one of my friends is excited about the new ZOMG expansion with ZOMG uber-OP-multiclass-undead-knight-with-motorbike! Well… at least none my friends are excited.

What do I mean by not FUN?

A not FUN game involves math, equations and basically catassing to get better gear with no net reward. However, please do not mistake this sort of poor misguided timewasting as “science“, “effort” or “dedication”.

Casual gamers have wrecked the RPG. And thanks to them being the major slice of the money pie they have wrecked it for us casual RPGers who don’t want to deal with hardcore roleplay (people who insist on being called Ragnor the III of Icparios in teamchat, and not “Ragboy”) but also don’t want to deal with hardcore gamers (who using mods that will calculate the exact nonosecond they need to spam fireball to cause maximum % damage over time while minimizing threat and zomg you did not just move during the boss’ flamestorm attack wipe you noob go back to goldshire and skin a rabbit).

Seriously if I wanted to do trignometry and algebra to get ahead in life I’d be an engineer. And we all know what engineering leads too

Aside: I have only just discovered Zero Punctuation/Fully Ramblomatic – if you have a love/hate relationship with your gaming life, then Yahtzee Croshaw’s critical reviews will take up the next few hours of your life – faves: HAZE, NINJA GAIDEN and TOO HUMAN.




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