Perfecting the wine bladder

9 10 2008

In Australia we serve wine (or “goon” says the cheval sur la rue*) in casks that contain “bladders” of wine – but this, THIS is bloody well ridiculous.

[This urologist] had one such young male patient who saw him for about one UTI [urinary tract infection] per month. After several visits, he asked the patient if he did anything regularly that might have predisposed him to the frequent infections since it is not that common for young, healthy men to get cystitis. He said “Well, I am a wine steward at a club”. The urologist then asked why that would predispose him to UTI’s? He then went on to describe what being a “wine steward” at this particular underground club entailed. What he would do was … [I’m not going to give it away here, read the story at ERstories]

I love that I decided early on in my pre-med science degree that working a hospital was not for me.


*Thanks Google Translate




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10 10 2008
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