In dog shit with Big Brother

9 10 2008

hattip DBinaDW

In Israel they are going to go all CSI … on rogue puppy poop vandals.

The suburb of Petra Tikva in Tel Aviv, the DNA of registered dogs will be sequenced and kept on file. Now, when someone doesn’t scoop their poop, the sample can be tested and the offending pooch pounded (or at least the owner fined).

Scientists are hoping the gene database will assist in other research as well.

Currently the system is only in trial stages. No one is being forced to provide dog DNA samples, but city officials are hopeful they will be able to use DNA to replace costly electronic tag systems.

I would think dogs in the same town would have a high chance of being related. This could be an issue with DNA based assays. Also exactly how much host DNA is in a fecal sample (I thought it mostly waste chemicals and bacteria), won’t everything be highly degraded and unstable.

I swear everywhere I have seen that posts this story up gets the exact same comment response. Let’s see if someone will be unable to resist repeating it here.




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