Wikipedia snuggling up to big tobacco

7 10 2008

Tell the Wikitruth:

“If you are a smoker and something really irritates you on Wikipedia, don’t react to it — just grab your pack and have a smoke to calm down.” – Wikipedia:No angry mastodons

A wikipedians attempt to remove poor health advice was reverted with this excuse:

Place information back. The advice is geared for people who smoke so they do not become angry mastodons. Instead, they should go get a cigarette and cool off. Some smokers do this, but some do not. – Guroadrunner 09-07-08

The idea of beneficial nicotine is sourced to, does this mean the blame is off wikipedia? It still sounds like a breach of Wikipedia’s rules on Synthesising Original Research to me.




One response

16 11 2008
Matt G

Just saying: Wikipedia’s policy on original research only applies to articles, not essays. In real articles, Wikipedia can’t offer advice at all, let alone sourced advice. In internal essays, though, it’s different, and the author of the essay is allowed to express his/her opinion.

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