Get netted

7 10 2008

I’m trying to avoid shameless link-whoring, but still trying to promote my website.

How do you go about it?

One way is obvious, to join genuine social networks.

As I’m trying to be science-orientated online, the Nature Blog Network, seemed a logical network to join.

Not to be confused with another different Nature Network, the Nature Blog Network is a connection of Nature/Biology related blogs that have agreed to network. All it involves is hosting a button. NBN gets a person to check your site is okay. Then aproved webistes are ranked and categorized. You can read further in a review by The Canberra Times.

Currently around 440 blogs are involved in the NBN project. The top ten is unsurprising dominated by the unwavering sciborg creation, but three freedom fighters remain amidst the ranks of 5-10 – the anti-cute Ugly Overload, the colourful 10,000 Birds, and Julie Zickefoose.


Kevin reminds me that Deep Sea News has been de-assimilated from the sci-borg nexus. They are part of Discovery Blogs now, which is like totally different lah. Be sure to update feeds and sidebar links, I have now. Thanks Kevin!


Currently I am sitting at no. 88. Whoop! Hottest 100 material.

And no. 2 for the “Mammals” category (I chose this category, because you can only pick one, and I generally post more about mammals and marsupials than any other animal group). The best in Mammals is an Italian blog about bears (google auto translate).

If anyone has any further suggestions of other good, social and non-link-whoring social websites for blogs on science, education, biology, Australiana, youth and writing let me know.




3 responses

8 10 2008
julie Zickefoose

Dude. Thanks for the shoutout. I’ll take “Freedom Fighter” quite gladly. I’m fighting the battle for a bigger readership on consistency alone. Don’t know any tricks, don’t want to know any. Keep up the good work yourself. Glad to know you’re here, and good luck at the NBNetwork.

9 10 2008
kevin z

Hey Deep Sea News is consistently in the top 10 and we are (no longer) part of Sciborg! lol

Another way to get your blog seen is to link out often. Which is how I found your blog! By checking incoming links.

and yes, Julia Zickefoose, 10000 Birdies, and Ugly Overload rock!

9 10 2008

Oh Dear. And I just updated the sidebar link too…
Will update this post after work today.

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