Japan considers a woman in charge

21 09 2008

(Telegraph) The best Japanese PM, like, ever, Koizumi-san has backed leadership-hopeful Yuriko Koike to become next leader of the LDP (and by default, PM of Japan, all your base belong to LDP).

This support is thought to be a pretty big boost.

But some skeptics think Koizumi would need to do more than just words though to actually make a difference.

“Koizumi just expressing his support of Koike is not enough in the given situation, where (current leading candidate Taro) Aso has momentum” – Shujiro Kato, Tokyo Daigaku

Strongly conservative elements in Japan have moved very strongly to avoid having a female sit on the Chrysanthenum Throne. Will they care quite so much about the real power base?

Update: Aso is new PM T_0 “a colourful nationalist with a knack for offensive gaffes“, can Japan try to avoid stereotypes as unthinking clone drones?




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