Inaugural “Warren” at home edition: The Disney irl horror movie

21 09 2008

apologies to GNW*

Rules of “WARREN”^:
A recent news headline item has been mysteriously replaced with the word “Warren” can you guess what it is. Worth 10 points or something, I don’t really care…

Your headlines should you choose to accept them:

  • Warren IS A Woman
  • Warren: a ‘really bad Disney movie’
  • The difference between Warren and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick

Click more for the answer

SupercallapiginlipstickexpelldociusDouble click below to highlight the answer (#)

Republican VP-nominee SARAH PALIN

Links to the headlines:

Feel free to try out this meme on your own site. Would love to see it spread. I’m sure Paul would too, he seems and awfully excitable little thing.

^should it be “blog edition”, or “on-line edition”, I presume most of you are at home (or at school, university, work, airport… damn…)

*they have replaced this gem of awexominisity with the new 90210 of all things…  *sigh*   /wrists

(#) I was trying to make it change on hover, but apparently that’s CSS, anyone able to show me in HTML please do. I just want to change it for this one link and not ever damn one.

Image credit: melpus2002




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