Diablo III set to WoW noobs

15 09 2008

Will it take away from my l33tz0r status to say I’m not exactly too pumped about Diablo III.

It has little to do with complaints about lightness issues. I swear toning up the colour is probably the best thing you could to do Diablo. Darkness is good for setting the mood in Survival Horror First Person Shooters (like AvP2 or Doom) – but in a point and click adventure RPG it’s plain annoying not being able to see things.

I played Diablo, I played Diablo II, and it is highly likley I will play Diablo III – but I think I will be least satisfied with this offering from Blizzard. The allure of earlier Diablo’s was an interesting storyline (sort of) but I think WoW has shown Blizzard’s inability to show creativity beyond a 4 year old*.

The gameplay videos show the little innovation beyond the random dungeon environment (like supercool!!) has been introducing Warcraft Mobs (sigh), Warcraft skills (sigh) and Warcraft icons (sigh). Why not label the game Warcraft dungeons?

My other gripe is that it all looks way to easy, even for a hack and slash. The Barbarian smashes through without losing any health, the Witchdoctor not too far behind. With mobs dropping helath and mana bonuses everytime they die (which they do a lot) – will the game prove any sort of challenge? Or is it set on baby-easy for the demo video? Or more likely more gaming designed so that every Chuck-Norris-kissing Barrens spambot can join in the fun?

*i.e. creative, crazy, even fascinating, but hardly intelligent or sophisticated – and they were doing so well with WCIII.




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