Ni-Chan founder discusses responsibility irresponsibly

14 09 2008

Japanese forum/message board service 2 channel (ni-chan), in the words of founder Hiroyuki Nishimura holds THE monopoly on the online forum market in Japan. This is backed up by stats – around 200 million hits a day.

The website allows any internet user to read and post any material in an anonymous practically uncensored manner. It’s not surprising then that other stats include over 100 lawsuits on matters such as defamation and supporting criminal activities. the most recent controversy was stirred when it was revealed Kato Tomohiro, the perpetrator Akihabara massacre, posted intent to commit his acts on 2ch.

If you like you can take a look at a translated interview with Nishimura here, where he discusses some of the matters regarding his responsibility for material posted by users on his website.

Nishimura starts of well. He defends freedom of media, and tries to explain that he really can’t be held accountable for material posted on his website by others, and definitely can’t be responsible for material on external websites.

The problem lies when you find out that Nishimura pretty much ignores any court orders against him. Refusing to pay any money he has been ordered to be paid by the court system:

The reason why I don’t pay compensation is that I think I am not responsible for what others post … I’m just a manager of 2ch. I don’t feel guilty at all.

I’m pretty sure that you get out of paying fines just because you don’t feel guilty. I think that’s actually a sign of sociopathic behaviour. The sort of behaviour legal systems are supposed to discourage.

You look back on a few of responses, and they appear just as childish.

The other kids in the playground are just as bad, so why is poor 2ch being picked on.

The best quote is: “I have my own logic to justify what I’m doing.”

Best. defence. ever?




One response

22 09 2008

If the guy doesn’t feel he’s guilty, then let him get in trouble… he will likely have a criminal charge that will easily pop up in background checks.

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