In the Cold Heart of Sydney

12 09 2008

So I arrived in one piece.

I think an irate taxi driver ran up my car’s ass last night as I stopped at traffic lights too long trying to work out where I was. More fool him, my tow bar has undoubted done worse to him then he did to me.

My room number is room 13, floor 13, which I think was rather ominous.

I spent this morning on hold with optus for over an hour trying to work out why my internet wasn’t connecting. Yes, my internet worked fine in Yeppoon, but in almost down town Sydney, not a chance. After being on hold for an hour, I was told to visit the local optus store, which not only took another hour to find (“it’s on the corner of Miller Street and the Highway” — there are FIVE corners there) – but the friendly staff there couldn’t help me either.

Thankfully whatever temporary tower crash was affecting them this morning is over and I have my internet back. It ahs however disrupted much of my expeted househunting I was aiming to get done today. Looks like I’ll have to get right back on that and less of this tippety tap.




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