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8 09 2008

One of my friend’s is a big (like girly screaming and everything) fan of the Grammar Girl podcast.

I wonder what she would make of this university lecturer’s suggestion that ‘bad speling’ should be accepted.

I am verily against it, I say. As should be befitting of my new profession.

Though I must confess even I am merely mortal: “most cheapest liquid” (thanks Mum).

These links all serve as a nice introduction to this entry on the other side of employment search spectrum. India, Ink. was recently (or may still be) in the process of hiring an assistant.

She has some very useful tips on what to NOT do when preparing your application for a job, particularly a job that relies on your skills as a wordsmith.

I think you had me at “hello.,” is my favourite.

For the most part, I think I have remained rather gentle with the English language in my over 200 applications this year. Most of my phone interviewers have mentioned in my feedback that I composed myself excellently and greatly, had I not been nudged out by applicants with more specific (or just more) experience, they would have been happy to have me (one of these groups suggested I apply for a junior role in the same laboratory).

Two mistakes do stick in my head though. I sent an email application cover letter without my actual application/resumè attached, unsurprisingly they sent me an email back saying that their client was looking for an experienced person with a very narrow skillset, that did not include me. The second was forgetting the name of the key interviewer near the end of an interview and then performing an epic fail in attempting to cover for my temporary amnesia. Again the rejection was not too surprising.

But hey live and learm or die horribly.




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9 09 2008
A Free Man

I love Grammar Girl as well. Also a university lecturer who has reluctantly begun to accept bad speling. Sigh. As a science lecturer in a university that has a lot of international students you kind of have to just deal with it. It’s not worth the fight. I still correct their spelling and grammar, though.

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