Snakes on a Bus

8 09 2008

APN: Centrelink, Australia’s welfare agency has decided that a wildlife rescuer should carry his rescued wildlife on the bus.

In Australia “rescued wildlife” doesn’t mean cats and dogs, not even kangaroos, typically means snakes, spiders and other nasties people want out of their house.

Matthew Moon, a disability pensioner applied for a volunteer work fuel allowance to carry out his duties collecting unwanted snakes from properties in the Mackay region.

Moon has been denied the allowance repeatedly because he cannot show that he is physically incapable of getting the bus. But somehow he doesn’t think that it will be acceptable to get on a bus with a bag of serpents.

Moon will continue to rescue snakes despite the decision.

Image credit: “Snakes on a Bus” By tvetter2 for the Mate a Movie 12 contest @




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