Miley Cyrus not dead yet

8 09 2008

via fracas.

I am definitely a bit worried at how easily wikipedia vandalism is re-reported as factual news by some outlets.

Wikipedia is not a reliable source folks. It’s a great resource, but in and of its own it is as useful as a class of 4th graders.

Not only was the hoax misspelled, the wikipedia editors didn’t even add the right date.

Oh dear…

A related item from tonight’s episode of Media Watch details how a simple Snopes search might have saved the Age some face by not regurgitating an old urban legend.




One response

9 09 2008

I totally agree with you! I used to have a feature on the fracas blog called The Sunday Snopes. It encouraged people to check snopes before re-posting something or forwarding yet another alarmist story via their email. Most are hoaxes.

Good on you for adding that very simple but often overlooked suggestion to just simply check it out first!

And thank you for having visited my blog.

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