Australia crime rate at an all time low

8 09 2008

At least that’s what I can tell from “the most comprehensive online source of crime information“.

A stabbing Sydney’s West, and a shooting in Cairns (by the police…)  are the only crimes to have happened  in Australia in the past 8 years (We were on a roll until this month…)

SpotCrime fails the international test. But looks like it could be of interest to those in major North American cities.

via Mission Mission.




2 responses

22 12 2009

this is interesting to hear and i live in Wisconsin!!!

15 06 2010

Australia 2009 Crime and Safety Report
… Australia’s urban crime rate is on a par with most large cities in the U.S. Residential burglaries are common throughout Australia and are among the most likely crimes encountered by Australians and foreign residents alike. Some burglars can, at times, be confrontational if they enter an occupied residence. Armed robberies have been reported in the Canberra area as well as throughout Australia. ….

Yes, interesting if you have your head up your A__ and dont pay attention to reality

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