One Horned Jesus

3 09 2008

The overlord of the godless interwebs has returned from his pilgrimage to the isle of beasts…

It’s definitely nice to have Pharyngula back on tap. Some of the intermission posts by PZ’s students have been interested. I would definitely like to see Danio writing things (possibly on his own site) on a more regular basis.

The break from PZ did allow me to appreciate some of scienceblogs other writers though – which was definitely a good thing.

For those of you under a rock PZ is the heavyweight of science blogging, capable of crashing polls and servers like no other man. Capable of stirring up controversies that can shake wikipedia and bring the Catholic League to its knees.

Today we have him to thank for this simply wonderful story:

An art gallery in the UK is causing outrage amongst local Christians. The current display includes a plaster figure of Jesus – with a stiffy (pics thx to the sun)

Other culture icons like Mickey Mouse are included in the display. I think this is probably a little more distressing for kiddies than old JC. I mean JC was a thirty year old guy, presumeably he at least suffered from the occasional morning glory. Mickey is purely a children’s entertainment icon, like Ken, he isn’t even meant to have junk down there, let alone working plumbing.




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