“You have well developed canines”

1 09 2008

I’ll take things you don’t want to hear (or say) on a date for $500. Oh what an interesting weekend…

This photo got so many positive comments on my facebook profile.

Two vampire links today:

Via A Good Poopsome “nasty ass case reports” at forensic nurse detailing real-life cases of haemophagy (blood consumption) behaviour. Sadly Bobbi Jo sinks into blaming Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Masquerade, and even D & D, for dangerous sadomachistic behaviour. With some weird witchhunt-esque scaremongering about a Tome entitled “Book of Shadows”.

There is also this Penny Arcade comic. My sister had a little chat about me borrowing her Laurel K. Hamilton novels. Honestly I’m with the blonde stranger, Hamilton actually had talent. The books were actually quite good before, not that the freaky voodoo sex is a turn off or anything.




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