Two shams for the price of one

25 08 2008

hattip: Group Sects.

Slimeball of the week:

Michael Guglielmucci.

Doing his part to help show Australian’s that religion here too can be a cesspool of rotters and nutters, The Gug-ster not only decided to scam the faithful of their money, he did so while pretending to have cancer, for two years. (Gospel of lies, the Australian)

Hundreds if not thousands of Australians are now shocked to discover that a person who spoke to an invisible almighty force at the hand of creation, was actually a a little koo-koo, and possibly not the best person to give away their savings. (Duped Christians want their money back,

Perhaps this is an elaborate life lesson. The Gug-ster is just showing the pentecostal community that money truly is the root of all evil. Afterall, it made him such a dick.

Unsurprisingly the pentecostal community is protecting the Gug-ster from harm. It’s difficult to tell whether their we-are-all-sinners schtick is marked with sincerety, or an attempt to cash in on the publicity-is-puclicity racket. Perhaps Googs’ exclusive deal to discuss the matter with Today Tonight migt help illuminate it all.

The spin appears to have somehwat successfully shifted the focus away from Hillsong and its kindred amongst the growing superchurch movement in Australia, and to use a fairly stock standard scapegoat of pornography. Thanks Dad, what a save. (Disgraced pastor porn addict – Dad, the Australian)




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