Midget Gems?

20 08 2008

I’ve noticed some feedstealers have been taking stories of this site. Thankfully none seem too unsavoury. And they do attribute. But these guys got my name wrong. What the hell are midget gems?

Apparently either:

a delicious fruit confectionary from the UK (like starbursts?)


a comedy writer, also from the UK (who might need to learn green beret skills to protect himself from blue-haired copyright infringement lawyers with ).




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21 08 2008

eh? huh? what I done?

21 08 2008

I don’t know.

What have you done?


23 08 2008

Hmmmm indeed … many things but not stealing stories or any other infringement I hope-please explain as I am more than happy to send you a bag of Midget Gems which have the power to create world peace.

24 08 2008

You do realise what links are for right?

You click them, and they take you places. They may help explain surrounding texts.

This is the internet!



Some feedstealer stole my story: CLICK HERE.
But they attributed it to “midgetgems” not “zayzayem”.

Wondering exactly what-the-fuck a midgetgem was, I performed a google search. Which brought me to your website, and also that midgetgems is the name of a candy.

I have linked to your website because I found it reasonably amusing.

The joke abought copyright infringement refers to a Simpsons joke, illustrated by the link to this script. CLICK HERE

Springfield Elementary School Carnival: The Happiest Place On Earth

Blue-Haired Lawyer: Principal Skinner, “The Happiest Place on Earth’ is a registered Disneyland copyright.

Principal Skinner: Well, gentlemen, it’s just a small school carnival.

Blue-Haired Lawyer: And it’s heading for a great big lawsuit. You made a big mistake, Skinner.

Principal Skinner: Well, so did you. You got an ex-Green Beret mad.

Skinner pokes the eyes of one of the goons, then kicks the blue-haired lawyer in the chest. The third good tries to run away but Skinner picks up a briefcase and throws it at him.

Principal Skinner: Copyright expired.

Your nom de plume appears to use the name of a proprietry product (AFAICT -as far as i can tell). Now, you might get away with “midgetgems”, and I’m not making actual judgment or attempting legal advice here, but consider if you had taken the name to become “Cocacola” or “Pepsimax”, and you may see where I am coming from.

You appear to have been using this name for a while. So I am just naturally assuming that you have Green Beret anti-blue haired lawyer combat training at your disposal.

That’s all.

24 08 2008

Cheers buddy – this may be the internet but some of us only use about 1 gadzillioth of its immenseness – it is simply a fancy pen and paper substitute for me and I suspect I am the net equivalent of that old person getting in your way on the pavement/sidewalk. I would find it hard to steal computer stories! Your excellent tuition leaves me more learned thankyou and yes, I was careful not to choose a brand name at the outset – it’s a generic name like ‘hamburger’ is to McD (assuming they don’t own that yet) which someone else has had the temerity to use too. And stop using rude words on the internet! If I see D*****l*nd again I’ll report you to the Internet Police.

24 08 2008

Just for your further information,

This particular posting has been picked up by an automated midget pr0n webcrawler.

I hope you’re proud. ^_^/*

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