Banners ahoy!

12 08 2008

How cool is my custom banner up above.

Along with half-assedly updating my “about” page, I’ve also provided the appropriate attributions to the kind flickr users who have contributed to my nice banner.

The banner collage combines my own photographs with some Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 photos of creatures I have some fascination with.

Take a little time and try and see if you know what every animal is.

Thank you very much to:

My own photos are (from left to right):

  • a green frog (found in a toilet on Rydges Capricorn’s golf course)
  • a goanna/lace monitor (Byfield State Park)
  • some Canadian daisies (South-western Ontario
  • a Japanese dragonfly (Ueno Park)
  • some Canadian mushrooms (Central Ontario) (digitally colorified)
  • a goat (Kamine Park Zoo, Hitachi, Ibaraki)

Astute viewers may notice a background. It’s tiled copies of a US government Public Domain micrograph of Y. pestis, the biological agent behind the bubonic plague, or black death

Yersinia just knocked out Anthracis Bacillus for representing the unseen world. Anthrax is a superior killer, but its strength is also its weakness. It is too deadly and persitent to be an efficient tool for either terror or sustained warfare. Both bacteria were included in a Microbiology assignment I did on Bioweapons. Use of infected meat to contaminate water supplies probably makes plague the original tool of disease-based biological warfare.

A few other pictures couldn’t be included but are definitely worth a look at: Andrew Scott’s snap of a litter of devil pups; and lemurs by Leo Reynolds and BombDog.

Due to use of various images in this picture, please feel free to remix and use this banner under the CC 2.0 Attribution, Non-commercial.

Thank you again to the artists involved.




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14 09 2008
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