Immune Attack

11 08 2008

Hattip: MeganTS1040140 @ The Scientist Community

Science games regularly disappoint in one of two ways:

Not enough Science


Not enough Game.

Immune Attack looks like it has manged some headway in both criteria, but neither seem to be up on a level that will make it a stellar success.

I’ll confess I haven’t been able to play the demo. No macintosh support.

Yes it will get some kids to join in a class activity. Some of those kids might even learn something. But it firstly presents an unreal scenario – a shrunken nanobot helping someone with a shot immune system, and then has the crew of the vessel “training” cells.

These training activities look a little repetitive. They may have some challenge in them, which will be a good thing. But after one or two goes I can see “drive pod, click on receptor, repeat” getting droll.

The graphics component still looks pretty sweet, and as a free download, it is probably worth a gander. Feel free to post up your comments if you can download and play the game.




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