Not happy with wordpress

10 08 2008

WordPress received its second strike today.

Does not host javascript. Which means I cannot install the Science Blogs widget. Not happy chappy.

You will see at least I now have some out links to webcomics. Will be extending that list too.

Working on further format upgrading and background maintenance. But I think another personal bomb has just hit my life ~ hopefully a happy bomb full of sunshine and promise, but a bomb nonetheless.




3 responses

11 08 2008

I wanted to explain why we don’t support JavaScript and that is because it can present a lot of concerns when it comes to security. While most widgets present no problem at all, quite a few of them can be used maliciously and that is why we block them. We’ve found that the blogs just run better, break less, and stay more secure when JavaScript is blocked for security purposes.

Hopefully our other features (and the ability to put text widgets in HTML, like you noticed) will help make up for our lack of JavaScript support.

Douglas Support

11 08 2008

WordPress does get a thumbs up for service response though.

I got a personal response to my feedback form entry as well as this blog reply. Blogger was very unresponsive when I had issues.

Hopefully support will be able to assess widgetbox as a trusted code provider (but I doubt it, due to its user-created content nature).

12 08 2008

I would never rule it out – we are adding new shortcodes, trusted code providers, etc. as time goes on. It depends on the popularity of the request and what the code is like, but I would never rule it out.

Thanks for using We’re always here in case you have any questions or concerns.

Douglas Support

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